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25 February 2015

Mental Health Foundation supports new Parliamentary report on perinatal mental health

The Mental Health Foundation backs a new report by a cross-party All-Party Parliamentary Group, which sets out recommendations to ensure that children have the “social and emotional resources that form a strong foundation for good citizenship”

24 February 2015

We Should Focus on Prevention Alongside Efforts to Find a Cure for Dementia

The Mental Health Foundation welcomes increased political focus on dementia, but reinforces need to support those living with dementia and for research to focus on prevention alongside efforts to find a cure.

19 February 2015

Desperate Need for Investment in Community Mental Health Nursing

Royal College of Nursing and Mental Health Foundation are joining forces with the family of a man who took his own life to make a joint call for early intervention and better mental health provision in the community.

22 January 2015

Making Services Work for Young People

This is the fourth Right Here 'How to...' Guide and is specially aimed at service providers.

14 January 2015

What Does A Mindful Nation Look Like?

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness is launching its interim report, with recommendations on the role mindfulness could play in education, healthcare, work and criminal justice.

18 December 2014

Dementia Third Greatest Killer in the UK Study Shows

A Guardian article has revealed that a survey carried out by Alzheimer's Research UK show that dementia if now third greatest killer in UK.

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