Winston's Story: Living with Manic Depression


Winston was first diagnosed with manic depression at the age of 16, when he became suicidal. He remembers feeling very down, which was unusual for him, and his suicidal feelings prompted him to be admitted to The Priory. Winston has since been admitted to hospital on two further occasions. He feels that if he was more aware of what manic depression was at the time he was diagnosed, this could have helped bring a quicker resolution.

Winston’s manic depression has impacted his day-to-day life both widely and seriously. Winston has been on medication since he was 16 years old, varying his levels depending on his condition but he also finds that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) helps him to manage his condition to a limit, as does help and support from his family and learning from living with his condition. Furthermore, he has adapted his daily routine and lifestyle; Winston takes daily long walks in the park and does not drink alcohol.

Having lived with manic depression for over 20 years, Winston can now recognise when his depression is coming on and can adapt and change his daily routine to stop the depression from getting worse.

Winston has worked in food retail since 2001 and feels that work positively gives him a routine and stability. He has recently started studying for a Masters degree in Consumer Psychology.

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