Mei's Story: Overcoming Depression


Mei is 20 and has been affected by a mental health problem since her early teens. She has first-hand experience of the lack of support and failings of services throughout her battle with depression. Mei is now on the Advisory Board of Right Here, a project run by the Mental Health Foundation in collaboration with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation that aims to radically change how we look after the mental health of young people in the UK.

"I’d always been a quiet child but I became progressively more depressed from the age of 12 onwards. I have probably had full-blown depression since I was 14 years old but I was never formally diagnosed. I had exhausted all the methods of finding the professional support I needed and I didn’t know where else to turn for help. It wasn’t until I went to University and approached my tutor that I found support. He was a trained Mental Health Nurse and was now a research fellow in the subject.

He helped me get my life back on track but I was very fortunate – I had someone I could turn to when I most needed help. It took five years of suffering alone with depression for me to reach this happy ending - three years after my first visit to my GP.

I’m involved with Right Here because I believe that existing services are poor, difficult to access and do not deliver what young people want or need. The project has helped me to talk more openly about my experience of depression and being a member of the Advisory Board on the project, I hope we can help make huge changes to the way we look after the mental health of young people in the UK so they do not have to experience similar problems to me."

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