Matthew’s Story: Living with Depression and Anxiety Disorder


My depression started from a young age. My mum and dad separated when I was little and my parents were never fond of me and seemed to take their anger and frustrations out on me. I became very unhappy at school and it got so bad that when I was 15 I took myself to my GP who diagnosed me with depression and recommended therapy.

Things got worse and I tried taking my own life. I was then diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and was constantly angry and started self-harming. I hated everything in my life. At school, I felt like I could not talk to anyone as they would not understand what I was going through and I was worried of being labelled as ‘crazy’. Being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder made things worse and I tried taking my own life several times.

I managed to cope with my diagnosis with the help of the Samaritans and Child Line. I am now 21 years old and I am feeling much better. I work as an administrator in an office and thanks to my therapy, I am now comfortable talking about my issues and my friends are understanding and supportive. I moved out from the place I shared with my mum which has helped me to gain some clarity and I now get on better with her. I have also recently got in touch with my dad. I am convinced that with time, it is possible to get better and that without talking therapy I would not be here today. Life for me has never been so good.

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