Tea & Talk: Sending us your money

Sending in your Money

Tea & Talk has raised over £81,000 over the past 6 six years, and each year it's getting bigger! 

Once you're guests have left, the final thing you need to do is count up all those generous donations (in the presence of a witness) and send it to us. Don't forget: if anyone of your guests are UK tax payers, get them to tick the Gift Aid box on the monies return form. 

1. Online

Please donate using our online donation page and select 'Tea & Talk' as your reason for donating.

2. Phone

Call our Tea & Talk team on 020 7803 1123 (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm)

3. Text

TALK01 plus the amount you wish to donate to 70070 (up to £10).

4. Post

Download the Tea & Talk monies return form and send it to us, along with a cheque made payable to 'The Mental Health Foundation' to: 

Mental Health Foundation
Colechurch House
1 London Bridge Walk

However you choose to send it to us, please always bank the money yourself - never send cash through the post!
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