Tea & Talk: Get Creative

Here's some ideas:

Image of a past Tea & Talk participant making a cake.


Hold a cake baking competition. Ask the guests to bring their signature dessert/most extravagant efforts and charge per slice.

Image of tea cups from past Tea & Talk event.

 Bake sale: these are always really popular. Get a selection of cakes together and invite people to come along and buy a cake to go with their morning cuppa!

Image of cakes from a past Tea & Talk event.


Guess the weight of the cake competition. The prize could be to win the cake in question! 

Image of a crowd of people at a past Tea & talk event.

 Invite a local speaker to give your guests a special talk about something you know will interest them!

Image of participants at a previous Tea & talk event.

 Tea & Talk fancy dress competition: who is the best dressed Tea & Talker?

Image of cakes from our Tea & Talk Icing Challenge

 Tea & Talk icing challenge: a simple way to have a laugh together and to compete to win a series of amusing titles such as “most professional icer", "tallest tower of icing", and "the icing wreck champion”. 

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