Hear From Our Runners

What's it really like to run the London Marathon? Read detailed accounts from a couple of this year's runners:

Zoe Beretta:

"As I hobbled out of bed yesterday morning, eager to read the official results, the events adrenalin was still alive in my bloodstream. It was the most amazing day, seamless from start to finish bar a niggling knee pain that I tried to zap with two ibuprofen before the race. The largest attendance to date (amazing!!) with over 37,000 runners and the biggest charity event apparently on the international circuit. I was so pleased to be running and supporting the Mental Health Foundation. It fueled my positive spirit to complete the grueling 26.2 miles! 

The emotion started to flood early on as we all lined up in our pens, nerves tingling and loved ones and personal causes emblazoned on our shirts. We were away very quickly crossing the start line in under 3 mins and the pace swift for the first four miles, as everyone sank into their stride, with a warm heat of high 60s beating down on us. I was so thankful there were water stations, every mile and sprinklers to cool us down.  Seeing the sights of London (having lived away for 6 years now in New York), navigating the winding streets, made the event even more personable. High fiving family as I churned through the miles.

The 18-24 mile stretch was hard, just hoping and praying my knee would hold it together. Friends and family shouting out much needed boosts at that time.

I am so happy to say I managed to cross the finish line without stopping during the race and a surprise bonus under four hour mark. I finished 3:57:38.... 8729 place (1010 place in women's 18-39yr old category).

I am so fortunate and thankful to have had an amazing support crew that kept me motivated, training through a cold New York winter, whose words of encouragement through injury the last month kept me mentally strong and whose contributions to the Mental Health Foundation were greatly appreciated and kept me focused.  

The event was a fantastic experience. Thank you to all the Mental Health Foundation and St Mary's for the most needed post race massage ever! and a rewarding shower. I was so pleased to have these facilities available to me to help the recovery. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet members of the Mental Health Foundation."

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