London Marathon FAQs

When will I hear the results from the London Marathon Ballot?

If you applied for a ballot place, you should have heard from the London Marathon organisers in October. They send you a magazine called Marathon News which notifies you if you have been successful or not.

If I did get a place in the ballot, what should I do?

Join our team! You just need to complete our online form and remember to tick the Own Place box.

How much do I have to raise if I have my own place in the London Marathon?

We just ask you to commit to raising as much as you can!  

How do I apply for one of the Mental Health Foundation's charity places?

You can apply for a Mental Health Foundation place here. There is a minimum sponsorship pledge of £1,600 and a non refundable registration fee of £50 (+VAT).

What sort of support will the Mental Health Foundation offer me?

We will provide you with a fundraising pack once you sign up, regular emails and telephone calls to keep in touch, organise a pre-race reception so you get to meet some of the other runners and staff at the Mental Health Foundation and a cheering point on the day with a post race reception for all your supporters, including masseurs!

Where can I get more specific information about the race day itself?

You can visit the London Marathon website and view a map of the course and get training and nutrition tips here.