Partnerships & Coalitions


We are committed to working in partnership with other leading mental health organisations, professional bodies, academic institutions and funding organisations.

Together we have a stronger voice, greater influence to shape policy and transform services and are able to make an even bigger difference to people's lives.

We are a leading partner in most of the major mental health coalitions in the UK but our work and influence also extends interntationally. We work regularly with the EU, WHO Europe, the Council of Europe, Mental Health Europe, EUFAMI and national Governments.

We're committed to partnerships wherever they will maximise effectiveness and impact.

Right Here

Our ground breaking work with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation on the Right Here project is leading the way in the involvement of young people in the design and delivery of mental health services.

Certificate in Community Mental Health Care

Our partnership with City and Guilds and Pavilion led to the Certificate in Community Mental Health Care


Working with the Princess Royal Trust for Carers led to the MyCare research, highlighting the challenges facing young carers in the UK.  

Children and Young People's Mental Health Coalition

Our work as lead partner in The Children and Young People's Mental Health Coalition brings together children and young people's mental health charities to campaign with and on behalf of children and young people in relation to their mental health and wellbeing.

The Future Visions Coalition

Campaigning towards an effective mental health strategy for England, The Future Visions Coalition has an emphasis on the promotion of good mental health across the population and improved services for people with mental health problems.

Mental Health Alliance

Working as part of the Mental Health Alliance, we monitor the impact of the Mental Health Act 1983 in England and Wales, and ensure safeguards for people subject to the Act

We Need To Talk Coalition

We work with the We Need To Talk Coalition, campaigning for an expansion of talking therapy provision across England

Dementia Action Alliance

We are part of the Dementia Action Alliance, a group of over 250 organisations united by the common goal of delivering the National Dementia Declaration. It is committed to securing seven key outcomes which, together, will drastically improve the lives of people with dementia and their carers.

Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival

We lead the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, which has over 200 partners, bringing together community and equality groups, artists, mental health improvement colleagues and wider public sector organisations.

Scottish Mental Health and Race Equality Special Interest Group

We facilitate the Scottish Mental Health and Race Equality Special Interest Group in partnership with NHS Health Scotland and the Scottish Service User research network, supported by key academic, public sector and equality group colleagues

BOND Consortium

We are delighted to be a part of the BOND consortium (BOND stands for Better Outcomes, New Delivery) which has been developed as part of a two-year sector-led programme. The project will build the capacity of VCSOs (Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations) to deliver early intervention mental health support to children and young people.